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Laying on the punishment

Laying on the punishment.jpg John Lewis BurckhardtThumbnailsInstead of floggingJohn Lewis BurckhardtThumbnailsInstead of flogging

Then the sentence is passed by the compound manager—ten, fifteen, or twenty strokes, according to the crime. The coolie, with a Chinese policeman on either side of him, is taken away about ten paces. Then he stops, and at the word of a policeman drops his pantaloons, and falls flat on his face and at full length on the floor. One policeman holds his feet together; another, with both hands pressed firmly on the back of his head, looks after that end of his body. Then the flagellator, with a strip of thick leather on the end of a three-foot wooden handle, lays on the punishment, severely or lightly, as instructed. Should the prisoner struggle after the first few strokes, another policeman plants a foot in the middle of his back until the full dose has been administered.

The Project Gutenberg eBook, John Chinaman on the Rand, by Anonymous Published 1905