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The Extreme of the Crinoline - 1862

The Extreme of the Crinoline - 1862.jpg The Grecian Bend ThumbnailsThe 1840 styleThe Grecian Bend ThumbnailsThe 1840 style

NO radical change in womens' costumes occurrred until the early fifties when what are known as the "Second Empire" styles were introduced. A remarkable feature of the fashions set by Eugenie, the consort of Napoleon III, was the enormous crinoline, of which we have more than once in recent years been threatened with a revival.

The monstrous dimensions of women's skirts during the period from 1853 to the early seventies afforded an excellent theme for the pencil of the comic artist, and those who care to search the volumes of "Punch"
and other illustrated publications of English and French origin, as well as those produced at the time in this country, will find both exact reproductions and caricatures of this style of costume.

Historic Costumes
Their Influence on Modern Fashions
By S. H. Ditchett
Reprinted from the Dry Goods Economist of April 3, 1920
Available from Archive.org