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A roofed and a pair gate

A roofed and a pair gate.jpg Door FasteningsThumbnailsA House and a GateDoor FasteningsThumbnailsA House and a GateDoor FasteningsThumbnailsA House and a Gate

Gates, too, vary in size and form. The most modest are no more than low wicker-gates which can be jumped over and offer no bar to intrusion. Others are of the same make, but stand higher so that the interior can be seen only through cracks. But the most common consist of two square posts with hinged doors which meet in the middle and are kept shut by a cross-bar passing through clamps on them. These gates may be of the cheapest kind of wood, such as cryptomeria, or may be massive and of hard wood. Another common kind has a roof over it with a single door which is hinged on one post and fastened on to the other and provided with a small sliding-door for daily use. The larger pair gates have also small side-doors for use at night when they are themselves shut.

Home Life in Tokyo
Author: Jukichi Inouye
Published: 1910
Available from gutenberg.org